Rich Megginson (richmegginson) wrote,
Rich Megginson

Aligning puppet class parameters with Emacs

Puppet is a bit of a stickler about making sure class parameter => value statements line up correctly like this:
  my_resource { 'resource_name':
   short_name            => 'value',
   a_very_very_long_name => 'value',
   another_name          => 'value,

It can become very tiresome when adding a new parameter inside a long list of class parameters to have to go back and line up all of those =>. Fortunately, I use Emacs to edit Puppet code, so I can use the align-regexp function:

  • Highlight the region you want to align
  • Type M-x align-regexp
  • Type =>

et voila! Your class parameter assignments are nicely aligned. Thanks Emacs!
Tags: emacs, puppet
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