Rich Megginson (richmegginson) wrote,
Rich Megginson

Running puppet-keystone spec tests in docker container

I am working on adding features to puppet-keystone such as support for configuring Keystone to use the LDAP identity backend, read-only as well as read-write, and to have multiple LDAP identity backends.  I wanted to easily run tests on different platforms using docker.

I started with a fedora 20 docker image, and installed the ruby and ruby bundle packages.  I called this image "puppet-keystone".  In order to share my development source code working directory, I mount my home directory inside the container as "/share".  In order for the container to have access, I need to create my user and group inside the container:

# groupadd -g 1000 rmeggins
# useradd -g rmeggins -u 1000 rmeggins

I ran docker like this:

$ sudo docker run -v /home/rmeggins:/share -i -t -u 1000 puppet-keystone

However, I could not see /share - permission denied.  Not sure why, but I figured that I had to run the container with --privileged like this:

$ sudo docker run --privileged -v /home/rmeggins:/share -i -t -u 1000 puppet-keystone

This allowed me full access to the /share volume.

Then I ran the test setup:

$ cd /share/puppet-keystone
$ GEM_HOME=vendor bundle install
$ GEM_HOME=vendor bundle exec rake spec SPEC_OPTS="--format d"

This caused errors reading from manifests/wsgi/apache.pp:

  1) keystone::wsgi::apache on RedHat platforms configures apache serving keysto
ne with mod_wsgi
     Failure/Error: it { should contain_service('httpd').with_name(platform_para
meters[:httpd_service_name]) }
       invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII at /share/puppet-keystone/spec/fixtures
/modules/keystone/manifests/wsgi/apache.pp:1 on node
     Shared Example Group: "apache serving keystone with mod_wsgi" called from .

Sure enough, file reports a different type for that file:

$ find manifests -name "*.pp" | xargs file
manifests/init.pp:                      ASCII text
manifests/endpoint.pp:                  C++ source, ASCII text
manifests/python.pp:                    C++ source, ASCII text
manifests/service.pp:                   C++ source, ASCII text
manifests/cron/token_flush.pp:          C++ source, ASCII text
manifests/wsgi/apache.pp:               C++ source, UTF-8 Unicode text

For some reason, inside the container, it can't read this file, but I don't have this problem from the host.  I was able to work around the problem in the container by running the test like this:

$ LC_CTYPE=C.UTF-8 LANG=C.UTF-8 GEM_HOME=vendor bundle exec rake spec SPEC_OPTS="--format d"

Now I am able to run the tests successfully with no errors
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