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More Fedora DS progress

slog, slog, slog . . .

adminutil is now in Fedora, although I still need to use Bodhi to get it into F-7 and devel.  Admin Server and Console are getting ever closer.  One thing that has made life easier is that we got rid of the old setuputil package that was used for doing installation and setup.  We've scripted it now and that has made it much simpler.  Those scripts are going into the ds and admin server code.  Setup seems to be working ok now for development.  You can now setup your configuration directory server, your admin server, and additional directory server instances, or create an admin server and directory servers and register them with an exisiting configuration DS, all with a nice text based user interface.  Right now we're working on migration, to make it easy for folks using 7.1 and 1.0 to move to 1.1.

Sun has contributed their LDAP SDK documentation to Mozilla!  The Sun legal team finally agreed to the license requested by  So we now have up-to-date documentation.  One problem is that the documentation is in docbook format, and we would really like to get it in MediaWiki format for the devmoz wiki.  So if anyone knows of a good XSLT script, please let me know.  Otherwise, we'll probably just hack the docbook -> html XSLT.
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