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Sun and Mozilla LDAP, together again

Sun has recently completed the merge of their LDAP C SDK code back into the Mozilla LDAP C SDK.  This is the version 6.0.2 code (currently in Fedora Extras).  I don't remember when they forked, probably back in 2003 sometime, maybe in December when Mark Smith left Netscape.
It's good to be collaborating with the Sun folks again.  I spent quite a bit of time with them in the iPlanet days including a 6 months stint in Grenoble.  But I haven't since 2001 when Netscape split from iPlanet, until 2006.

The other good news is that Sun will be contributing back their well maintained and updated LDAP C SDK documentation.  The stuff we have on is old and crufty.  The new version is totally up-to-date and in DocBook format.
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